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image: Students looking at shoes at the Nike Headquarters in Portland, OR
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Our thoughts are with the Armenta Madrigal family. We have counselors and support staff on hand to assist students with this heartbreaking time. If you know of students in need of additional support, please let school counselors know. Together, we'll work to connect them to resources and be sure they are supported as we all grieve a heroic father and community member.

Nuestros pensamientos están con la familia Armenta Madrigal. Tenemos consejeros y personal de apoyo a la mano para ayudar a los estudiantes con este momento desgarrador. Si conoce a estudiantes que necesitan apoyo adicional, infórmeselo a los consejeros escolares. Juntos, trabajaremos para conectarlos a los recursos y asegurarnos de que reciban apoyo, ya que todos lamentamos a un padre heroico y miembro de la comunidad.…

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Welcome to McNary Heights Elementary School

McNary Heights Elementary School is a safe haven for approximately 650 students in Umatilla, OR.  Our Mustangs are loved, cared for, nurtured, and educated during the school year and given the best chance possible to succeed in their future. Our highly qualified staff is well trained in the Reading First Literacy Model and we seek to educate the entire student. Our Character Education program highlights a new theme every week and we celebrate student success with quarterly MOST awards (McNary Outstanding Student Team)

Our Volunteer program and monthly parent breakfasts allow for great opportunities for the community to be a part of the educational process. We are excited to show outstanding individual growth in our Title and ESL programs and we make every effort to Build a Bridge for a Successful Future.